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Divine Atelier – Rochii de mireasa

The Divine Atelier story is one about dreams, romantic ideals, Bohemian spirit and femininity. It’s also about the past years’ poetry, our love for art and redefining the look of the wedding dress, crafting talent, couture details and simplicity in an elegant, glamorous way

The unconventional style, the studied simplicity, the delicate, subtle details of retro romantic inspiration, fluidity, freshness and modernity are all the esthetic signature of our brand

Exploring the beauty and uniqueness of the pictorial lace, using light fabrics and refined couture accessories, combining the innovation of the style with handcrafted techniques, Divine Atelier envisages a modern, free—spirited bride, seductive and natural, a bride who wishes for a unique, a temporal dress, a dress to tell her story, expressing emotions, dreams and aspirations, a dress to fall in love with

Bringing their own version of bohemian minimalism together with a unique touch of romanticism, the Divine Atelier collections start their story in Romania, in a workshop in the historical center of Brașov

The Divine Atelier poetic style rapidly caught on in the world of simple, elegant, romantic wedding dresses. With distributors worldwide, participation in prestigious international fashion events, appearances in highly appreciated magazines, Divine Atelier has become a brand of unique wedding dresses, infused with romance and poetry, real romantic characters reflecting the vision of a Bohemian, eclectic and sophisticated lifestyle

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